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Kortrijk 14-11-2009


Andaluz won BOB today and is now K.B.W.C. winner 2009!

Thank you to the judge Mrs. Delabelle!


Dortmund (Germany) 17-10-2009


Andaluz was 3rd BOG at Bundessieger Dortmund!!!

Thank you to the breedjudge Mrs. Peschges & the groupjudge Mrs. Heine!


I handled a spinone italiano and togehter we were shortlisted,

groupjudge: Mr. Jakkel (H)

"Stannamore Bellina Ninna Isabel" owner/breeder: Mrs. Wijnsbouw


Bratislava (Slowakia) 9-10-2009


Garbosa won vice World Winner 2009

Andaluz finished his slowakian champion.


Maastricht (The Netherlands) 27-9-2009


Andaluz won BOB at international show Maastricht.

Lola had her first show! She won BOB baby!

Thank you to the breedjudge Mrs. Urek (Slo)


Rotterdam (The Netherlands) 29-8-2009


Andaluz was BIG 3 today! We would like to thank the breed & group judge Mr. Van Iersel (NL)!




I was pleasant surprised to read this article in "hondenwereld" a Dutch magazine.




We are very happy to welcome Lola!!! Welcome home!!!


Hillerod (Danmark) 15-8-2009


Garbosa was BOB in the rain!!! and is now Danish Champion!

Thank you to the breedjudge Mr. van den Bergh (NL)


Bremen (Germany) 2-8-2009


Today was even better like yesterday!!! Andaluz won BEST IN SHOW!!! over 2400 dogs!!!

Thank you to the breedjudge, Mr. Langer (GER), the Groupjudge, Mr. Deutscher (A) and the BIS-judge Mr. Fisher (GER). You gave us something we didn't dare to dream of!

pics above by Roberto


Bremen (Germany) 1-8-2009


Andaluz won BIG and BIS-3!!!

Thank you to the breedjudge, Mr. L. Dehaes (Be), the Groupjudge, Dr. Jakkel (Hu) and the Best in show judge, Dr. Pepper (Ger)

pics above by Roberto


Saarbrücken (Germany) 8-5-2009


Andaluz won 2nd BIG at the international show in Saarbrücken!!!

After I have torned my ligament, it was a great feeling to go back in the ring,

and fly again with Andaluz true the ring!!!

Thank you to the breedjudge Mrs. Wagner (L) and the groupjudge Mr. Levente (H)!!


San Remo (Italy)


Garbosa won BOB and was picked out in the group with 4 others. She became Mediterranian Champion 2009! Because I felt on Saturday and hurted my foot, my mummie showed our dogs! more pictures see: pictures -> San Remo 2009


Fréjus (France) 13-04-2009


Garbosa won BOB and was picked out in the group with 5 but again just one was being placed.

Andaluz was Best Male, with cac and cacib.


Monaco 10-04-2009


Andaluz won BOB and is now Monaco Champion! He was picked out in the group with 5, but only one was placed.

Garbosa was Best Female, with cac and cacib.

more pictures see: pictures -> Monaco 2009


Leiden (The Netherlands) 14-03-2009


Andaluz won Best Male and is now Dutch Champion!!!

Garbosa: BOB


crufts 2009


2nd international junior handler!!!!

Many thanks to the judge, Mrs. Sweigart (USA)!

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Reid to let me handle this beautiful dog!!!

for more pictures see --> pictures --> Crufts 2009


Hoogstraten (Belgium, CACIB-show) 21-02-2009

Garbosa BIG 4!!! Many thanks to breedjudge Mr. Van den Broeck(NL) & Groupjudge Mrs. Reyniers!!!!

Garbosa BIG4 @Hoogstraten


Eindhoven (The Netherlands) 06-02-2009

Andaluz de Calathea: BOB, CAC, CACIB