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8-12-2012 Brussels, Belgium

Crazy Mr. Frodo ended 2012 as new 'Belgian Winner 2012' with 2x CAC (his 25th!), CACIB, BOB (also his 25th!) and was shortlisted in the group as well! Thank you to the breedjudge Mrs. Ramsing (DK) and to the groupjudge Mr. Nataletti Valerio (IT).


17-11-2012 Eurodogshow, Kortrijk, Belgium

Our Mr. Frodo took another CAC & CACIB! And on top of that another title! Eurodogshow Winner 2012 (BE)! Thank you to the breedjudge Mrs. Van Deijl (NL).


13-10-2012 Bundessieger, Dortmund, Germany

Frodo, CH. Faouziah's Gandalf, had lots of fun in Dortmund today! Gaining a new title 'Bundessieger 2012' with 2xCAC, CACIB and Best Of Breed! Thanks a lot Mrs. Gielisse (NL) for the breed!


15-9-2012 Koln, Germany

Just a day before his second birthday, Frodo got his 20th CAC, another title 'Landessieger Reinland 2012' and Best of Breed at the sighthoundshow in Koln! Thank you Mr. Gerritsen (NL)!


2-9-2012 Breda, The Netherlands

Today we went to the clubshow of 'KC De Baronie'. Both Garbosa en Frodo joined us. Princess Garbosa took Veteran BIS-3rd and went group-1st! Also young Frodo took the group! So both of them went on to the Best in Show. So dad had to show Garbosa (picture below!;-)
Mr. Frodo finished as BEST IN SHOW!!! So proud of those 2!!! Thank you to the judges Mrs. Wijnsouw (NL) & Mr. Van Iersel (NL)!


21-7-2012 Thilouze, France

Today we made the long drive to Thilouze in France for the Nationale d’elevage du SLAG. Frodo won the last needed CAC for the French title. Now he only has to do his working test for the confirmation of it. Thank you Mr. Voilet (FR)!


7-7-2012 "Championat de France" Metz, France

At the Championat de France Frodo gained the obligated CAC for the French Title! On top of that he also had the CACIB and BOB! Thank you to the breedjudge Mr. Pichard (CH)!


30-6-2012 Genk, Belgium

At the international show in Genk our frech Champion Frodo took yet another CAC, CACIB and BOB! Thank you Mrs. Louhi (FI)!


24-6-2012 Luxembourg

At the precious age of 21 months Frodo did it! From today he may name himself "CH. Faouziah's Gandalf". Thank you Mr. Ainardi (FR) for his crowning CAC and the BOB!


9-6-2012 Hulten, The Netherlands

Frodo "multi jCH. jEUW-11 Faouziah's Gandalf" gained another CAC, CACIB, BOB and finished the day with a Group-5th!

Princess Garbosa "WW-11 EUW-08 multi CH. Garbosa de Calathea" also joined us to the international show in Hulten. She went Best Of Breed out of the veteran class!

Thank you to the PH & group-V judge, Mrs. Gielisse (NL) and to the galgo judge, Mr. Coppens (NL)!


20-5-2012 Clubshow WDS circuit, ANIF Salzburg, Austria

At the clubshow from the WDS circuit, Frodo (Faouziah's Gandalf) took another CAC and went BM-2nd.


19-5-2012 WDS Salzburg, Austria

Frodo, Faouziah's Gandalf, went to his first WDS. He won the CAC out of the intermediate class!


12-5-2012 Dortmund, Germany

At the "British Dog Festival" in Dortmund our Frodo "Faouziah's Gandalf" won the German CAC aswel as the UK CC! He went on to win the breed and in the finals he went res. BEST IN SHOW BRITISH DOG FESTIVAL!!! He was also shortlisted in the group! Thank you to the judges: Mrs. Peak (GB), Mr. Deutscher (DE) and Mr. Wight (GB)!!


30-4-2012 Nice, France

At the last day of the circuit Frodo finished his "Champion de la Mediterranée 2012" title! Also today he received CAC, CACIB, BOB and was again shortlisted in the group (also here only the winner was chosen). Thank you to the breedjudge Mr. Jouanchicot (FR) for his lovely words about our boy!


29-4-2012 San Remo, Italy

Second day of the circuit. Frodo went again CAC, CACIB and BOB! Thank you Mr. Murante (It)!


28-4-2012 Monaco

In sunny Monaco Frodo took the CAC, CACIB, BOB and was shortlisted in the group (only the winner was chosen). Thank you to breed & group-judge Mr. Doedijns (NL)


14-4-2012 Antwerpen, Belgium

At the international show in Antwerp, our Frodo gained his first Belgian CAC aswel as his first CACIB! Thank you Mrs. Soleckyj (PL)!


1-4-2012 Luxembourg

In Luxembourg Frodo, Faouziah's Gandalf, took the CAC and the res. CACIB.


11-3-2012 Crufts, Birmingham, UK

After all those years competing in the international junior handling final at Crufts, today a dream came true! Competing at Crufts with one of our own dogs. As the galgo español isn't recognised in the UK, Frodo was our first one! He went 2nd in the 'junior male' class!


11-2-2012 Genk, Belgium

At the CAC-show in Genk, Frodo went junior-BOB, shortlisted in junior-BIS and BOB.


29-1-2012 Moeskroen, Belgium

Today Mr. Frodo went Junior Best Of Breed, got shortlisted in the junior-BIS and was also Best Of Breed at the international show in Moeskroen! Thank you Mrs. De Ridder (BE)!


8-1-2012 Hoogstraten, Belgium

Frodo, Faouziah's Gandalf, went Junior Best of Breed and Best Of Breed at the international show in Hoogstraten today!
Thank you to Mr. Deschuymere (BE)!