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Tienen (Belgium) 26-12-2011


At the Chrismasshow in Tienen Frodo finished the year with another BOG-3rd!! Thank you to the breed & group-judge Mr. De Wilde (BE)!!


Brussel (Belgium) 18-12-2011


Frodo went Brussels Junior Winner 2011! Also he went BOB and in the finals he went BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR-3 and took a BOG-3rd! Thank you to the breedjudge Mrs. Heine (DE), the BIS-junior judge Mr. Vanhoenacker (BE) and the groupjudge Mr. Ionescu (RU) for this amazing day!!

Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


Frodo gained some new titles again :o) Not only "Junior Amsterdam Winner 2011" but also "Amsterdam Winner 2011"!! And to put the cherry on the cake he took the breed as well! Thank you to the breedjudge Mr. Jipping (NL)!


Luxembourg 5-11-2011


We are so happy! Frodo, Faouziah's Gandalf took yet another title!! Today he went BOS with Luxembourg Junior Champion! On top of that he went res. BEST IN SHOW junior male!!!
Thank you to the breedjudge Mr. Oliviera (P) and to the BIS junior-judge Mr. Grillo Londono (Colombia)!!

Leuven (Belgium) 29-10-2011


Our young Frodo went BOB and was shortlisted in the group V at the international show in Leuven today! Thank you to breed & groupjudge Mr. Dr. Peper (DE)!!


Bundessieger, Dortmund (Germany)


Frodo, Faouziah's Gandalf, gained the Jugend Bundessieger 2011 title today! Thank you Mr. Langer (DE)!!!


EDS, Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) 3 & 4-9-2011

On saturday Andaluz de Calathea prolongated his European title, adding the title "European Champion 2011" to his name!!! He went also BEST OF BREED!! Thank you so Mr. Engh (NO) for your lovely words about our boy!!

And on Sunday our baby-boy Frodo, Faouziah's Gandalf, took the "European junior Champion 2011"! He also went BOB junior and didn't stop there! At the age of ONLY 11 months he went reserve best male beating champions on the way!!! Gaining his last needed JCAC and so he can also call himself "Dutch Junior Champion"! Thank you Mrs. Novak (SLO)!!!


Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) 2-9-2011


At the sighthound evening specialty of the EDS circuit Frodo took another JCAC and JBOB! Thank you Mrs. Mach (CH)!


Bremen (Germany) 31-7-2011


At the national show in Bremen Frodo, Faouziah's Gandalf, finished his German Junior Champion (VDH)!!! He was shortlisted in both the junior group-V & the group-V! Andaluz finished the weekend with a BEST IN GROUP!!!! WOW what a weekend!
Thank you for the breedjudge for the PH & the galgo, Mr. Coppens (NL)! And to the groupjudge for group-X Mrs. Erusalimskaya (RUS)!!

After one weekend Bremen ;-)

Bremen (Germany) 30-7-2011


On the international show in Bremen our baby-boy Frodo, Faouziah's Gandalf' was JUNIOR BEST IN GROUP V and also BIG-3rd!! Andaluz de Calathea took BIG-2nd!
Thank you to the breedjudge for both of them, Mr. Gerritzen (NL) and to Mrs. Kastl (DE) for these amazing results in both the junior group-V & the group-V!! Also thank you to the groupjudge for group-X Mr. Peper (DE)!


Luik (Belgium) 24-7-2011


Frodo did it again!! At the age of ONLY 10 MONTHS he took another GROUP-2nd!! Thank you to the breedjudge Mr. Jakkel (HU) & to the groupjudge Mr. Jovanovic (SRB)!! Andaluz was BOB today! Thanks to his judge Mr. Kuplyauskas (RUS)!!


Ostercappeln (Germany) 16-7-2011


Our boys made us proud today!! Both Frodo, Faouziah's Gandalf, & Andaluz took BOB and were shortlisted in the last 4 for the Best In Show! Thank you to the judges Mr. Van Iersel (NL), Mrs. Tromp-Pruijn (NL) & Mr. Fritz (DE)!!


World Dog Show Paris (France) 8-7-2011


Our princess, Garbosa de Calathea, took the World Winner Title and was BEST OF BREED!!! on top of that she added the unique titel "FCI Centenary Champion" to her record!! Thank you so much Mr. El Barroudi (Marocco)!!


...One picture can say more than 1000 words...


Echt (The Netherlands) 2-7-2011


Our young Frodo, Faouziah's Gandalf, went for the first time in junior class. He took his first JCAC, CAC and BOB! Frodo just didn't stop there! At the age of ONLY 9 MONTHS OLD he took GROUP-2nd!!! Thank you Mr. Coppens (NL) for the breed and the groupjudge Mr. Stanton (S)!!

Thank you "Dynamic Force Akitas" for the picture! :-)


Andaluz went BOB too, unfortunately he went ill before the mainring.


Wieze (Belgium) 21-5-2011

Frodo, “Faouziah’s Gandalf”, went BEST IN SHOW puppy today!! What a way to end his puppy-time!
Thank you to the breedjudge Mr. Rodrigues (P) and the judge for BIS puppy Mrs. Zwaartman-Pinster (NL)!!


Dortmund (Germany) 8-5-2011


Our princess Garbosa gained herself yet another title! This time she ads the unique “FCI centenary winner 2011” title to her record!! Thank you Mr. Oliveira (P)!!


Erps-Kwerps (Belgium) 1-5-2011


Today we took Frodo to a junior & veteranshow. He went all the way to res. BIS puppy!!
Thank you to the breedjudge Mr. De Wilde (BE) and the BIS puppy judge Mr. Wellens (NL)!!


Luxembourg 26 & 27-3-2011

The dream goes on! Frodo, Faouziah's Gandalf, BEST IN SHOW PUPPY over such a large entry of puppy's!!! Thank you so much to the breedjudge Mrs. Kammerscheid-Lammers (Germany) and the BIS-puppy judge Mr. Carrero (Spain) for this amazing day!!!


Leiden (The Netherlands) 18 & 19-3-2011


Oh my god!! At the international show in Leiden Andaluz became res. BEST IN SHOW!!! Thank you to the breed- & groupjudge Mr. Van Iersel (NL) and the BIS-judge Mrs. Chwalibog (P)!!!
Frodo won BOB-puppy, thank you Mr. Doedijns (NL)!!

picture by Liesbeth Buisman & collage by Francien Roele.


Geer (Belgium) 6-3-2011

Today we went to the puppy & veteranday in Geer. Our little baby-boy Frodo did what we never dared to dream of! He didn't only take BOB baby, BIS Baby but later also BEST IN SHOW over baby, puppy, junior, intermediate & veteran classes!!! only 5 months old! Thank you so much Mrs. Reyniers (Be)!!


Hoogstraten (Belgium) 27-2-2011


Frodo became BOB-baby today!! Thank you Mr. McCoy (Irl)!!


Happy Newyear!!